Motorola Breakthrough

At a time when top scientists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) were getting excited about their advances with a microprocessor chip that reached speeds of 5 Gigahertz (compared to the fastest chip out today of 2 Gigahertz)
Motorola announced this . . .     

By Sara Silver - Associated Press 

NEW YORK – Motorola Inc. says it has developed a semiconductor that runs 35 times faster than today’s models.  Motorola says it has solved a 30-year old problem of creating a simi-conductor that combines the durability and economy of silicon with high speed crystal compounds used in laser and fiber optic applications.  “We’ve opened the door on a whole new world”, says chief technology officer Dennis Roberson.  Motorola has applied for 270 patents for the materials and production process of the semiconductor, which it says runs at 70 Gigahertz instead of the 2 Ghz speed of the fastest processors in personal computers.