'Respect the Cock'

              Influence Art




The Cello






Isabel's Dream

Happy Mother's Day - Isabel



Sunset Landscape

Happy Birthday - Dari









Midnight Ocean

69" x 43"   $1500








Water on Fire

60" x 48"     $2,800





The Energy of Color

60" x 48"   $1,800



Mysterious Woman

30" x 48"   $800







Wall Tiger

84" x 49"   $2,800








Peaceful Ocean

27" x 72"   $1,800






Yellow Love

                                                             36" x 48"  To Alehandro and Mary         





Deerfield Beach

                                                      36" x 72"




Green Dream

72" x 36"   $1,800










         Spoon & Cherries (unfinished)          Mom's Spoon & Cherries






Something Different

                                                     72" x 40"  To My Sweet Sister




                                                   27" x 42"



Palm Leaf

                                                     29" x 44"



Three Thoughts

                                                    63" x 54"    $900



Deep Water

                                                   42" x 28"    $400



Magic Blue

                                                    51" x 28"    $900 unframed



























Maria's First Art Piece

                                                 37" x 48"





Suzette Urs


Urs Art Studio & Gallery

Art Teacher & Mentor

                                                                       Dream Walkers Fantasy                              Easy Winners





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I'm developing processes that produce something interesting to hang on the wall.    I like textures, high glosses and the like.    There's a mixture of airbrush, brush, canvas, fabrics, acrylic epoxy resin, modeling paste, etc. involved.     I enjoy working with brilliant colors such as Iridescent, Interference and a variety of other visually aesthetic acrylic paints.    The processes are continually evolving via influences, happy accidents and trial and error.    I love to visit Art Galleries just to see if there is an influence waiting for me.     I'll be working with sculpture soon and incorporating the painting processes into my sculptures.   I hope you enjoyed the Art.    Stop in and chat sometime.  (954) 914-0771



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